Chemometrics Workshop - Wien/Vienna 2010



Last change 5 July 2010




Monday, 28 June 2010,  9:30 - 13:00




Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Chemical Engineering,

Getreidemarkt 9, A-1060 Vienna, Austria

4th floor, seminar room Besprechungszimmer Verfahrenstechnik

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Aim of the Workshop


Discussion of applications, methods and ideas in chemometrics -

in a small group and in informal atmosphere; participation is free but a brief registration (via email, see below) is highly desired.




Oxana Rodionova und Alexey Pomerantsev, from the Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, will make a stop in Vienna on their return from a conference in Hungary.

Oxana and Alexey are the leading chemometricians in Russia and have very successfully organized several international meetings in Russia (Winter Symposium on Chemometrics), eg. 2004 in Pushkinskiye Gory (pictures), 2005 in Chernogolovka near Moscow, and the last one 2010 near St. Petersburg.



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O. Rodionova, A.L. Pomerantsev, L. Houmøller, A.V. Shpak, O. Shpigun:

Application of NIR for counterfeit drug detection. Another proof that chemometrics is usable:

NIR confirmed by HPLC-DAD-MS and CE-UV

PPT  (2.4 MB)


A.L. Pomerantsev, O. Rodionova:

PAT solution to the drug release prediction

PPT  (3.1 MB)


A. Friedl:

Chemical engineering and chemometrics


B. Liebmann, A. Friedl, K. Varmuza:

Applicability of near-infrared spectroscopy for process monitoring

in bioethanol production

PDF  (0.7 MB)     PDF of abstract


K. Varmuza:

A curious method for data from curious experiments:

Random projection with TOF-SIMS data from comet-relevant samples

PDF  (1.3 MB)     PDF of abstract


O. Rodionova, A.L. Pomerantsev:

Chemometrics in Excel

PPT  (2.7  MB)     HTM of tutorial


R. Dutter, A. Zainzinger, A. Alfons:

DAS+R: A graphical user interface for multivariate data analysis in R

PDF  (3.0 MB)     PDF of abstract


P. Filzmoser:

The chemometrics package in R -  applications in multivariate calibration and classification

PDF  (12   MB)




Further Information


Kurt Varmuza (Chairman)

Bettina Liebmann


Laboratory for Chemometrics (LCM)

Thermal Process Engineering and Process Simulation (A. Friedl)

Institute of Chemical Engineering

Vienna University of Technology