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Laboratory for ChemoMetrics

Institute of Statistics

and Mathematical Methods in Economics


Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Bioscience Engineering

Vienna University of Technology (Austria) - TU Wien




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CoMeCS Project -

Comet and Meteorite Materials - Studied by Chemometrics of Spectroscopic Data  (200228)


Tyrolean Iceman

COSIMA comet research

Chemoinformatics-Tokyo/Kyoto-2011, Nara 2013, Tokyo 2015



R  (2014-02-14)

Software/data for chemometrics

and chemoinformatics for R



Book on Chemometrics (2009)

Book on Molecular Descriptors  (ed., 2012)

Book on Chemometrics in Practical Applications

(ed., 2012, open access)


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Austria 1999, Zambia 2001, Libya 2006

PARTIAL   Vienna 2011, 2015


Total LUNAR eclipse

Vienna 2011, Styria 2018


Transit of Venus 2012


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