Total Lunar Eclipse                15 June 2011

Observed in Vienna, Austria, ca 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm, ca 20°C


Data for Vienna, Austria (Central European Sommer Time, CEST, UTC + 2):

Moon rise ca 8:55 pm; totality 9:22 - 11:03 pm (mid 10:12 pm, duration 1:41 h)

Article in Wikipedia: "This was a relatively rare central lunar eclipse, in which the

                        center point of Earth's shadow passes across the Moon."


   Original in Wikipedia


ca 10:50 pm                                     ca 11:00 pm                                 ca 11:15 pm


Digital camera, f = 4.5 - 108 mm, aperture 8.0            (C) Kurt Varmuza, Vienna, Austria           110617




A few minutes after totality: Moon above the roof of "Hofburg Palace" seen from "Heldenplatz"

This picture has been published on two sites of the website of ORF (Österreichischer Rundfunk, Austrian Broadcasting): Link1  Link2

and in the daily Austrian newspaper KURIER in issue 17 June 2011:  PDF


Full view of the "New Castle Wing" (finished 1913) of "Hofburg Palace"

from "Heldenplatz" ("Heroes Square") with the partly shadowed moon above




Some illuminated historical buildings in the neighborhood

of the observation place (Vienna, Austria)



Left: Parliament (1883) with statue "Pallas Athene" (Greek Godness of Wisdom).

Right: Dome of "Museum of Art History" (1891).



Left: Main entrance of "Burgtheater" (1888), "Imperial Court Theatre".

Right: "Theseus Temple" in "Volksgarten" (1823), a somewhat reduced copy of a temple in Athens, Greece.



"Town Hall" (1883) in neo-gothic style.





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