Partial solar eclipse     20 March 2015

9:36 - 11:57 CET, max 63% at ca 10:45 CET

Observed in Vienna, Austria, ca 9:40 - 12:00, 6 - 8°C, clear sky


Time (CET)  (minutes since begin of eclipse)

Camera Panasonic Lumix FZ100; lense 600 mm, f 5.2, 1/2000 - 1/400 s, solar eclipse filter


(C) Kurt Varmuza, Vienna, Austria   LCM_T160        150325



Sun spot no. 2303: size appr. size of Earth

Details: SpaceWeather



Observing the eclipse on Heldenplatz in Vienna (Austria)








Decrease of energy production of a private solar panel

during the solar eclipse (ca 15 km North of Vienna Center).

Diagram kindly provided by Heinz Rotter


Minimum (1.3 kW) at 10:45 CET (maximum eclipse); all day 25 kWh; loss during eclipse ca 2 kWh.





Reports and data of total solar eclipses:   1999 Austria   2001 Zambia   2006 Libya

Reports and data of partial solar eclipses:   2011 Vienna


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