CoMeCS: Comet and Meteorite Materials - Studied by Chemometrics of Spectroscopic Data



Examples of Electron Microscope Images from Meteorite Grains


Measurements by Dan Topa [web], NHM Vienna [web], July 2016.

Supported by F. Brandstätter, L. Ferrière, and C. Köberl (NHM).


Instrument: Jeol JSM-6610LV, Bruker EDS, software Bruker Esprit 2.0.


Left: SEM image (Scanning Electron Microscope, Secondary Electron image): topology;

Right: BSE image (Back Scattered Electron image): average atomic number (bright = high)


These pictures demonstrate the heterogeneity of the meteorite material.

Further evaluation and measurements in progress.



Meteorite Tieschitz (ordinary chondrite). Target 4E1, grain 9.





Meteorite Renazzo (carbonaceous chondrite). Target 4E1, grain 11.





Meteorite Tissint (Martian, shergottite). Target 4E1, grain 3.




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