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Heinz Scsibrany

Celestron 9 1/4

Heinz Scsibrany passed away on December 30, 2010 in the morning as a result of a sudden and unexpected disease. We will never forget the friendly personality and his valuable contributions to astronomy and chemoinformatics.

His english website will remain here for the next future including the possibility of downloads of software he has provided for us.

Thank you Heinz!

(Kurt Varmuza, Vienna University of Technology,

Laboratory for Chemometrics)

personal data

Physicist, Chemist, 
February, 1, 1965 - December, 30, 2010


Astronomy (planet images, deep sky images), Chemistry, Physics, Computer, calculation and observation of solar eclipses (total solar eclipse 21.06.2001). 
hiking in the mountains
swimming and snorkling

New: pictures of the total solar eclipse on 29.03.2006
Pictures of the Lunar eclipse on May 4. 2004.
Some pictures of the annular Solar eclipse 31.05.2003.
Preview on Solar eclipses 2006 through 2009.

Download of free software (unfortunately only for PCs under Windows(R)):

A program which draws the (animated) phases of the planets (155 kByte, Windows (R) 95, ... XP). If you want to know, how the phases of Venus come about try this program.

Program to draw Atomic Orbitals (currently only in German; Windows (R) 3.1, 95, ... XP; ca. 29 kByte).
Panorama Screen saver, which scrolls a panorama picture over the screen. Contains a 360 panorama of austrian mountains (Windows 95, 98, NT). Additional Panorama pictures can be found at the pages of Wolfgang Stich.

New version 3.5 of WinEclipse: A free program to forecast any solar or lunar eclipse: ECLIPSE.ZIP (700kByte). This new version now implements a starchart to show the firmament which is visible during an eclipse (see readme.txt for details).
This 16 bit program needs only Windows(R) 3.1 or newer (95,98, ..., XP).

Some links:
Nightskyinfo (Weekly information about the night sky and articles on selected astronomical topics).
Digital Chart of the World.
NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).
Prof. Dr. Kurt Varmuza (Supervisior of my PhD thesis at Vienna University of Technology).