Solar Eclipses in 2004

During the year 2004 there are only 2 partial solar eclipses (19.04.2004 and 14.10.2004) which are both not visible from Europe.
The first eclipse takes place on April 19. and will be visible in the Antarctica, southern Africa and Madagascar.
At maximum eclipse 65.3 % of the suns disc will be covered by the moon.
The second eclipse takes place on October 14. and will be visible in Alasca, Japan, parts of China and Russia. The maximum eclipse will be visible at the southern coast of Alasca, where up to 90.8 % of the suns disc will be covered by the moon.

This eclipse is part of the saros cycle as the annular total eclipse which was visible on October 3rd 1986 between Iceland and Greenland. Because this eclipse will only be partial this saros cycle is going towards its end which will come on May 11. 2347.

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