Lunar eclipse on May 4. 2004

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Lunar eclipse 2004.05.04 Though unfortunate weather conditions I obtained some pictures with my digital camera Olympus C2100, which were combined to the animated GIF picture at left.

The digital camera followed the apparent movement of the stars (due to earths rotation). This is the reason why the star (at the top of the image), which is visible during the total phase of the eclipse, remains nearly (because of slight guiding errors) at the same position.

The following pictures were obtained with my Celestron 9 1/4 telescope using a focalreducer (focal length ca. 1500 mm):
The left picture was made during the total phase of the eclipse. You can see the unequal light intensity in the umbra of the earth, which is the reason, for the lower left part of the moon appearing much brighter, because it is close to the border of the umbra.
Note also the star at lower left.
The right picture was made after the end of the total phase (unfortunately the moon was obscured by thin clouds).
Hopefully there will be better weather conditions during the next lunar eclipse on October 28. 2004.
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