Solar Eclipses 2005 - 2008

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Solar Eclipses in 2005

Annular-total solar eclipse 2005 On April 8th 2005 there will be an annular-total solar eclipse, which will be visible only annular on the short path on mainland. 
Annular-total solar eclipses come about if the moon is at the time of the eclipse in such a distance from earth that its umbral shadow just reaches earth. Then, because of earths spherical shape, the umbra just touches earth at mid eclipse, but it does not reach the earth at the global beginning and at the end of eclipse.
In the picture at left those regions in the path of central eclipse where the eclipse is total are blue, whereas those regions where an annular eclipse is visible are red. 
On October 3rd 2005 there will be an annular solar eclipse, which will be at least partially visible in Europe, in Spain it will be annular. The annular phase will last for 4 minutes 10 seconds at the mediterranian coast of Spain and 90.4 % of the suns disc will be covered by the moon. annular solar eclipse 2005

Solar Eclipses in 2006

The total solar eclipse on March 29th 2006 would be a perfect completion of a holiday trip to Turkey:
total solar eclipse 29.03.2006 The maximum duration of total eclipse will be 4 minutes 7 seconds (a little bit south of Libya), at the libyan coast there will be 4 minutes and in Turkey totality will last between 3 minutes 32 seconds and 3 minutes 47 seconds (at the coast).

On September 22nd 2006 an annular solar eclipse will take place at - or shortly after sunrise, in Guyana, Surinam and French Guayana. Furthermore the path of annular eclipse progresses and finally ends over the south atlantic ocean.

Solar Eclipses in 2007

During 2007 only two partial eclipses will take place on March 19. and on September 11. 2007. No eclipse will be visible in Europe.

Solar Eclipses in 2008

Annular solar eclipse 2008.02.06 During the night of 6th to 7th February 2008 an annular solar eclipse takes place;
This eclipse, which accurs during the midnight sun will be visible in Antarctica. A partial eclipse of very small phase will also be seen in parts of Australia and in Newzeeland .

In the picture at left the annularity zone is drawn red while the green lines sign the border where a partial eclipse is visible.

On August 1st 2008 a total solar eclipse occcurs, which will be visible as a partial eclipse in large parts of europe. A total eclipse will be visible in northern canada, greenland, russia, mongolia and china. 

The maximum duration of the total phase is 2 Minutes 27 Seconds.

Total solar eclipse 2008.08.01

All graphics have been built using my program WIN-ECLIPSE, which can calculate every eclipse of the past and the future. The program is based on the sufficient exact calculation of the positions of earth, sun and moon.

This free program can be downloaded (, 620 kByte).

To unzip the file you need UNZIP or something similar, as Aladdin Expander.
(Required system: PC, at least 80486DX or faster Processor and Graphicscard with at least 256 colors, Win 3.1,95,98,.. or NT, XP)
See also an eclipse website with graphics also made with Win-Eclipse.
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